What We Used To Do

Here at Trent Bridge Locksmiths we provide a wide array of traditional locksmith services, along with a number of services that perhaps might surprise you.

Probably the first task that you think of a mobile locksmith performing is getting you back in when the worst happens and you find yourself locked out. Well yes, over the years we have been called out on countless occasions at all times of day and night, and in all weathers, to do just that. At Trent Bridge Locksmiths we take what is called a ‘non-destructive’ approach to opening doors. What this means is that if a lock can be picked, manipulated or bypassed we will always strive to do just that. Many firms will just drill out the locks and replace them, but this just inflates the bill for the customer so we will not drill unless absolutely necessary.

Another task that is a large part of what we do is either fitting locks from scratch or replacing existing locks. We work carefully with the customer to provide the best security for the best value. It is important to meet the strict criteria laid down by the insurance companies in their contents insurance policies. We will cast an experienced eye over your property and give expert advice to keep you and your possessions as safe as possible.

If your doors are uPVC and are giving you problems it is not necessary to call out a double glazing company (often they will just try to sell you a new door!). We have the skills and equipment to perform any repairs necessary, from a simple realignment up to a whole new locking mechanism. Doors that have broken in the locked position present no problem to us, we can get them open with no fuss or damage, strip out any hardware that has failed and replace with a new part all with our standard 12 months guarantee.

A standard euro cylinder is usually fitted to uPVC doors, please ask our Nottingham Locksmiths about upgrading those to newer, ‘snap-safe’ cylinders before your property falls prey to ‘lock-snapping’ – the most common burglary technique.

We can key alike the locks in your property so you have less keys to carry. Imagine the convenience of one key operating all the locks in your home. We can also build master key systems, and zone off areas of your home or business to allow cleaners, pet-sitters, etc access to only the areas you wish to allow. Also we fit keysafes and codelocks along with a wide variety of security for gates, sheds, outbuildings, garages etc.

Auto Locksmith Service

Through our trusted partner, we can offer a fantastic Nottingham Auto Locksmith service. You can look forward to a dealer level service, at the roadside for your convenience, at great value.

For all aspects of vehicle locks, immobilisers, ECUs and more get in touch today.

Get In Touch

We have a dedicated number for all vehicle enquiries. Please have the make, model and year of your vehicle to hand.

T: 0115 70 60 736